Part of the Y mission is developing the spirit, mind and body of all. Being outside in nature, and being well equipped mentally and physically to enjoy the experience, is one of the greatest gifts this area of Pennsylvania has to offer. With that in mind, we offer different levels of kayak training because we understand that to have fun, you must first be safe. With the abundant waterways in our area, every boater should be trained and prepared for what they will encounter while on the water.

Our Kayak Safety Clinic offers a 2-hour session in our indoor heated pool to ensure those who have never had formal training understand the basics, including equipment use and water safety. Graduates of the Safety Clinic may decide to take the Skills Class and take their new found boating skills outside to the local river or creek all while under the guidance and care of our trained instructor. The Technique class is for those who have their own boat and equipment but want a warm, safe and controlled atmosphere to practice their skills.  The Kayak Roll class is offered to those skilled boaters who want to learn to roll their kayak for an even safer, and dryer, boating experience.