Scores of individuals have benefited from private swim lessons with qualified instructors. If you want to learn to swim, enhance swim strokes, improve endurance or meet other personal goals, then one-on-one swim lessons are for you! Our certified instructors are familiar with the need to adjust with certain disabilities. Have you had past negative experiences in the water? We can help you overcome your fears. Lessons may include practice, technique builders, discussions, observations and use of a variety of equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys, gloves, etc. Lessons are scheduled for 45 minutes. 30 minute lessons are an option for children under 12, if recommended by you or the instructor. Although one-on-one is offered to everyone, we would suggest that participants be at least 2½ years of age.

Want to save money? Semi-private lessons are available at a reduced rate per swimmer. Best for siblings or friends, semi-private participants must be close in ability or neither swimmer will be able to fully benefit from the lesson.