Over 50 People

Pool & Full Gym Rental—$325

This option is available for groups with more than 50 people. Because no more than 50 people may be in the pool area at one time, the group will have access to the pool & gym simultaneously. The group will be divided with 1/2 in the pool and 1/2 in the gym for 1 hour—then switching for the 2nd hour. The group will have the last hour in the gym together.

*Pending Availability—those choosing to offer food & drink during the rental will need to pay an additional separate $10 deposit

*A separate $10 depost is required when refreshments are offered with the rental. Once gym is clean (dust pan & broom provided) and the trash is removed (dumpster located outside) the $10 will be returned. Deposit will not be refunded is requirements are not met. There is a table available for food or gifts—bleachers may also be used.