At the Y, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you learn the game. Our indoor soccer program focuses on nurturing the potential of every child and teen. Boys and girls ages 4-12 are placed on age appropriate teams. Coaches are community volunteers with a commitment to our youth. You’ll find our program emphasizes skills of course, but more importantly, teamwork and fun!

AGES 4&5

Our littlest soccer players! They meet for practice and a mini cross court game on Sundays.

AGES 6&7

Amazing the difference a year makes! This crew practices weekly and plays their games on the big court on Sunday afternoons.

AGES 8&9

Foot skills and team work categorize this group as the full court play takes on an organized team look. Teams practice weekly and play Sundays afternoons.

AGES 10-11-12

Our most advanced group- meets for practice weekly and plays games on Sundays.



Gymnastics is a fun, noncompetitive program for boys and girls ages 3 and up. Your active youngsters learn core movements on mats, balance beam, parallel bars, uneven bars and vault. Students will work on basic skills, progressing through the skill levels. There will be an end of the year show to highlight the achievements of our gymnasts.

ROLLERS— Designed to introduce your preschool age child to gymnastics (ages 3-5). Beginner level will help your child explore concepts like running, hoping, rolling, jumping, supporting, climbing, balancing, swinging and will use specialized equipment. Children are expected to be able to follow instructor’s directions and act independently. Instructors will physically, mentally, and socially prepare children to move to Swingers.

SWINGERS—Children ages 6 & Up who have progressed through Rollers. This level lays the foundation for movement and learning on which all other skills are built. Instructors work on refining skills and begin basic routines.

TUMBLERS—Girls and Boys who have attained proficiency in the levels listed above. Level requires instructor placement.

FLYERS—Advance level for all children. This class is by instructor placement.

Registration for the first two levels is currently a waiting list. The other levels require  instructor placement.




Preschool & Kindergarden (boys & girls)

(Ages 4 & 5)-Meets only Sunday

1st & 2nd Grade (boys & girls)

Practice once per week & play games on Sundays


 3rd & 4th Grade (boys & girls)

Practice weekly & games on Saturdays

5th & 6th Grade (boys & girls)

Practice weekly & games on Saturdays

7th & 8th Grade (boys)

Practice weekly & games on Saturdays


9th-12th Grade (boys)

Practice weekly & games on Saturdays


Spend your summer evenings at the Y with us! 

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Our martial arts programs offer you the opportunity to build self-confidence, learn self-defense, safety awareness, self-discipline and respect all while having fun. A small group setting offers maximum learning.

· Boys & Girls: Ages 6 and Up

· Mondays & Wednesdays - 6-7 PM

· Registration is by the month.

· New students are welcome any time!

· M $22  NM $44



"This style of karate is traditional of Okinawa. It consists of Kata (a series of sequential movements, teaching proper positioning, timing and technique) It includes self defense techniques, sparring (exchange of self defense moves as in a tournament match), weapons for adult class, discipline with history and vocabulary. All of these are components of competition technique."  

Instructed by Joe Lebert

· Tuesdays & Thursdays

     7:15-8:15 PM

· Youth (ages 6 & up) 

· M $22  NM $42